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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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going to be making senate bill 744 it's a sweeping bill for immigration reforms, we want to show you as we talkedthon video of sky 7 this is video from overhead of that march. that included a -- about a thousand people making their way throughout the streets of san francisco. and the senate bill everybody has on their minds now is a bill that has gotten criticism from both sides. there are those that believe it's taking work away from american workers but those who advocate for my grant workers take issue witness saying it's a requirement to verify or e verry fi would force immigrants into the work
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force. >> at this point would be mandatory. our concern sthait would have pushed undocumented workers into an underground economy. >> we spoke to a professor saying he is worried it will pull the rights of his own computer science students in jeopardy. a very complicated ask contested issue but one of several thing that's people are demonstrating here. the demonstration come to accomplish all of the complicated. this protest is large and peaceful due to the nice weather here in san francisco. >> let's head now down to san jose.
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over the crowd, abc 7 joins us now. they're marching to city hall, right? >> they're on their way right now heading towards city hall there. is a big plaza and they plan to have a big rally with speeches from community leaders. this started at about 3:00 this afternoon. the crowd gathered on the east side. that is where where an active priest tried to push ingraigs reform trying to get voices of the people heerd in washington. and also, that path to citizenship is important. that is why you'll see a lot of people -- there moving more slowly and there is lividdo they're making slow progress
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coming along the way. they're hoping to get more people along the way and have a lot of speeches and a lot of supports so they can have voices heard in washington. >> we're having problems with david's signal. happening now in oakland hundreds of immigrant workers we're going to move now. thank you. hundreds of immigrants workers gathered at fruit veil plaza. demonstrators want to raise awareness of what is described as a need tochl pand rights for immigrants that is a group marching to push for a $15 minimum wage for all oakland employee movesing on now, fire season gets a start and in southern california tonight firefighters are raising to safe homes that are close to the flames. cal hire that's been fighting flames dealing with high winds
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and hot temperatures n northern california there are four fires burning from knight's valley to yontville. let's go live to wayne freedman. >> just outside calistoga. and wind me is the yellow fire about a file up the road there. it's the biggest fire that we have seen here. but not the most devastating for that we're going to take twou miles up highway 128 here. >> around calistoga, nick and his friends and family know the difference 24 skmours a night of high winds can make. >> we were aslee. it ended up being the oak tree it took down a power line. >> it was horrifying for my
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wife and i. for those minutes we're down there askplon i knew people were coming but minutes are lake hours. >> with five fires the darkness turned a little surreal with light policed being the dawn and smoke dominating the day this, is the yellow fire named after the ranch on chit continues to burn very smoky. and windy. scary. >> mostly wood and brush are burning. officially fire season has not bee gun will have you a mer intense season? its hard to tell. we'll have an earlier than normal fire season. >> sounds like we are. >> we are. >> more than enough for nick who lost much of what he obed
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including pictures of him and his wife in these frames. the photos burned. >> i was watching it go up saying i forgot by bicycle. you know? medicine. and i said i've got giant tickets up there. >> did you find them? >> yes. >> two silver linings. not only did he manage to find his giant tickets. the fact that the owners of the home plan to rebuild it. behind me here, this fire red flag alert continues ask and they expect full containment tomorrow evening at 6:00. >> high heat, low humidity, windy. worst combinations for fire danger.
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sandhya? >> taking a look at those conditions at the firefighters are facing right now. only a patch of fog around marin county. skies are clear otherwise, dry out there. it's 9%, winds calm as far as sustained winds. there and we're expecting that 5:00 looking at 15 miles per hour winds, heading into the night time hours into to tomorrow morning we have a red flag warn goinging for hills zdiablo range. record high fuels. and low humidity is what we're concerned about.
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i'll be back with a look at the heat advisory. cheryl? >> thank you. the rising temperatures as you can imagine are drying out grass and brush around the bay area making it susceptible to fire. the mark usually close fwhud comes early in the year. >> red flag warning for high fire danger expires in the next hour or so. and nowhere is concern greater than in hills in the east bay. >> fire officials as you might expect in this area are diswadding residents from doing things like gardening but it's easier said than done. >> moraga and orinda residents required to clear veg laigs.
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in this case the gardening service is doing the work clearing weeds from underneath power lines. >> right up there, sun is just beaming down. >> but the chief steven he'lly says a red flag warning day is not the day to do this job. it could start the fire they want to prevent. >> we've had occasion where people have been out in the afternoon. and. >> the garden says he looks for rock as way of signs. >> we're doing a lot out in oak and antioch oakley and this is like a 10 acre lot z we had a tractor z we started a fire. it closed down both sides of the freeway before the antioch bridge. >> he monitors winds through
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highway 24 door door. >> weather is the most dominant of the three. >> a shuttered fire station reopened today just in the nick of time for the beginning of what could be a long fire season. >> in july we had to close the station due to cuts. and we saved grant wex hired 10 new firefighters. >> the district has tips for homeowners. your neighborhood fire station is something similar. you can link to it through our web site abc 7 strong winds started about 35 -- 12 scln 30 today.
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there are 425 firefighters trying to keep ate way. the fire forced evacuations. no word on how it started. >> believe it or not more problems from the bay bridge. akerding to the sacramento bee, the flaws affect as many as 12 large welds. this comes as caltrans is still waiting for a fix for dozens of bolt that's snapped when tightened. >> three more men have been arrested in connection with the boston marathon bombings. they're not accused of being involved in the attack. and the two are charged with
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obstruction of jugs tis. a third charged with making false statement autos the city of martinez is sending birthday wishes to aaron hern the bay area boy injured in the boston bombings. he is 12 years old today. he arrived home to a community welcoming back with open arms. >> it's great he made it back. yes. i wish him a full recovery. happy birthday. >> aaron was waiting for his home mom when the second blast went off, sending snap nel into his leg. after two surgeries and 10 days in the hospital he was released on wednesday ask took his first steps the next day. he still has 100 staples in his leg.
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people in mart yz are by his side, you can wish him a happy birthday by posting this badge to your facebook time line. you can get the badge from us on >> nice to have you home. >> still head progress into the death of an 8-year-old girl in california gold country. a discovery raising new questions. a live report. >> and then, sir richard branson aa.announcing a new service coming with passenger perks as well. stay with us.
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this is another look at the may day march that went from mission district to city hall. they're protesting the lack of ned ral immigration reform. this is part of bay area wide and nationwide world wide in fact may day protests but focus here in the bay area immigration reform. >> looking for clues in the brutal murder of an 8-year-old girl in a northern california town. she was found stabbed to death in her valley springs home. the sheriff's department held a briefing this afternoon. >> the first update we've had since monday night we know investigators are reaching out to other agency in northern california to see if there are similar crimes involving children and we know they're focusing on that house where laila was killed. >> we stril a search warrant in progress at this house. >> the sheriffs say they have
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no new breaks in the murder of 8-year-old laila fowler but did reveal what evidence was taken from the home. >> some dna evidence. i cannot go into other information on that. some fingerprints. and have a few knifes, being exammidge yined to determine this f.that was the weapon. >> the sheriff confirmed they did send a detective to take a dna sample from this man. he was arrested tuesday for trying to ab dublgt a toddler. at this point detectives say there is no clear connection to the fowler case but they want make sure. patrol cars continue to block each end of rippin road. >> they came and searched our trash. >> this neighbor growing tired of police presence. >> frustrated that you know what? we qnt live a normal live
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again. and you know what? i would imagine laila's family would like to live a normal life, again. >> this is one of the tributes to laila fowler that has sprung up here. we asked if any dna samples were taken. today, sheriffs would not answer those questions. >> laura, thank you. >> all right. this happens to millions of families. tickets go on sale. >> michael finney here with that story. >> the three of us talked bit many times. bill a making it a crime to use robot computers to snap up massive numbers of tickets. there has been a problem for years now. scalpers auto mated computers to buy tickets and fans are
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shut out. scalpers then sell tickets at inflated prices to you and me. ticket agencies have tried many ways and two assembly committees have approved the bill. the governor needs to sign it. >> if you're a college student you may want to get in on a good credit card deal. so, here are the top picks. capitol journey student rewards card. you get 1% cash back and one and a quarter back if paying on time. bank of america has cash rewards for students card 3% cash back on gasoline purchases and 2% on groceries.
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discover has open road cart. it is 2% back for purchases at gas stations and restaurants and a quarter percent back for other purchases. as long as we're talking about saving money watch zwan zwant -- tonight. >> let's talk about the weather and high fire danger. >> it's bad out there. >> yes. you know humidity is running low in parts of the bay area, red flag warning goesing north bay hills. i want to show you how nice sit out there. beautiful day. most of the area in the clear let me show you the view. you can sigh across the bay temperatures were running,
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have been running warm so i want to show you the peak wind gusts. mount hamilton 64 miles per hour wind gusts. napa airport 44 miles per hour wind gusts. at lower elevations not as windy as we saw yesterday, we're still experiencing gusty winds. fairfield up to 25 miles per hour. san jose sfo, 20-22. it's the wind direction. look how dry sit along the bay area. santa rosa we have a drying wind 7% relative humidity, half moon bay, 77% so big difference there. the wind coming off the ocean kept your temperature into low 60s. 64 in san francisco.
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it's 74 in oakland. 66 currently in santa cruz. you can see how nice and sunny sit outside. it's warm. santa los roesa up to 90 by the way. here are the highlights. sheer look at what is coming. we're looking at patchy fog. record highs likely tomorrow. if you don't like the heat one day of this then we're going see temperatures drop. when i say one day of this, we'll talk about the heat advisory. 90s into warmest spots we're expecting record highs and hot. here is a set up. we do have contrasting winds opposing wind patterns. wind coming off the ocean
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around half moon bay bringing cool air there. in the north bay fire danger remains high. 50s and 60s. 47 degrees in half moon bay. the possibility for records. 90 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, mountain view could set a record at 92 degrees. pacifica, 76 degrees. it would be a record. check out the high temperatures in the north bay. records possible. low 90s there. that could be a record. inland communities 95 in concord could be a record as well. looking at the accu-weather forecast cooling off, low to
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mid-60s coast side. live doppler 7 hd could be tracking showers. so some interesting weather ahead. cheryl, dan, back to you. >> it is interesting. >> thank you very much. >> virgin america coming to san jose. the flight more to on thafr-than-just storage. yes.. >> and a bay area lab finds a greener fuel for cars. one thing standing in the way of getting into tanks at 6:00. we'll be right back.
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a boost today from mineta san jose international airport. surgeon america announced it will fly four round trips from san jose to los angeles. air lined founder sir richard branson says the routes fill
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major need autos we have had many people say please come to san jose. and san jose, los angeles is a route that is popular. and then, from los angeles we fly all over america and into the rest of the world, australia and europe, so on. >> virgin america based in burlingame hoping to expand in the bay area. the airline says it will be the only carrier to offer wi-fi on every flight, also boasting more storage space. is that a person in there? oh, goodness. and a flight attendant? yes in an overhead bin to prove it. >> i will see if bags still fit up there. >> one lawmaker wants to change a building code. nancy skinner's bill would reduce the use of flame retar retardands and foam. skinner says other requirements offer protection
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so they're not needed. >> well, it's not too late for warriors ticket
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coming up at 6:00 we're toing to take you live to the fire lines in wine country. cruise fighting to protect vines. also, get this a couple writes a check to the irs which takes only part of the money. michael finney teams up with a taxpayer advocate to straighten this out z ibm creates the smallest movie using atoms. how they did it and the broader application that this could have. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> that is cool. >> yes. >> this is cool. rolling stones playing oracle this weekend are going to have a hard time rocking the crowd better than the warriors. >> game six tomorrow and tickets running out, there are still a few for sale. prices from 100ses today $1,000 each. >> mr. ticket says he plaz
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plenty. >> court side seats running you $1800. go, this is "world news." tonight, new arrests in the boston bombing case. three college friends of the younger suspect, accused of hiding important evidence. and what the suspect said about being the bomber. sleep scare. the big jump in emergency room visits, linked to sleeping pills. why women are more at risk. amanda knox. we travel to the scene of the crime, and her final words for all those kids studying abroad every year. and whiz kid. get ready to be amazed and have a lot of fun with an 11-year-old superstar of screen and science. >> don't be afraid to try new things. >> see the invention that dazzled even the president.